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NEW STUFFS ADDED! [24 Oct 2006|09:46pm]
[ mood | good ]

Free items with a purchase of $20 or more!

US cash, or mail order only!!

make offers on all, shipping is included with offer. I am also willing to trade.

If there are any questions, or more pictures are needed, feel free to ask!


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Been a while.... [23 Oct 2006|10:40pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Yeah, so not much has been happening. Got my car back, school's flying by, and I'm still making my clothing. Two weeks til Chicago, anyone else going to that Riot Fest show thingy on November 5th? Hmm, it would be nice to meet some new people there.

A Global Threat on Thursday.

If anyone has any custom orders they'd like for me to do, please share.


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[22 Jun 2006|05:28pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Yeah, today went by fast.

Went to the dentist this morning. Went to McDonald's. Came home and went to sleep until 7:00. Hahahaha.

Yeah, I'm about to go to my mother's to get the camera, so all you that are asking for pictures of things, sit tight! They should be in tonight!

Love you all.

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yay! [21 Jun 2006|11:17pm]
[ mood | hot ]

Monday night I went over to Sammo's house. I stayed the night there and we sat and ate food!!! Yes, the best thing ever to do is EAT!! The next morning we looked for something to do, and we couldn't find anyone to hang out with. I called up Brandi, and she picked me up and we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was soooo goood! 35 cent wing day! Hah, I tried the blazin' sauce, and ewwwwwww that stuff is gross as hell, but I guess that's just because I'm a pussy when it comes to hot and spicy things.

After that we went to Greg's house and chilled there for a little bit. We went over to Cory's house, so Brandi could get her stuff back, and wow, Cory was a real dick to her, I couldn't believe what he did. Guys are such asses. On our way back we found a cat in Brandi's backseat!! We decided to take it home with us, and I put it in my lap. About 5 minutes from Greg's house, I noticed the kitty wasn't looking too well, and it randomly spazzed out. I realized that it was about to puke, so I quickly rolled down the window, and tried to stick the kitty's head out the window, but I was too late. Not only had the kitty puked all over me, but at the same time it took a shit all over me too. As I scream in horror and the kitty still being held out the window, it pukes a second time, and it goes across all the back windows. Ew.

Later that night, I was druunnnnkkkkkkk at Greg's house. Me and Brandi ran around with our shirts off. We invited a couple of skins to come overrrr. Me and Brandi had a lovely bath together in our undies. [insert lots of stuff here that you don't need to know about]. Me and Chris went to Denny's to meet Slug up there. I think we sat there for like two hours at 4-6 in the morning. I was fun watching the sun rise. After that I went to Slug house and stayed the night there.

I had about 2 hours of sleep. I pretty much just laid there until it was time for me and Slug to pick up his bass and Tyler and head out to the mall. We chilled out at the mall for a loooong ass time, and that's it.


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I HAVE STUFFS FOR SALE [20 Jun 2006|02:00pm]
[ mood | blah ]

US cash, or mail order only!!

make offers on all, shipping is included with offer. I am also willing to trade.

If there are any questions, or more pictures are needed, feel free to ask!


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ha ha HA [19 Jun 2006|11:40pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

Sooo, tonight I went over to Sammo's. Haha, we were bored so we decided to go on a walk. We walk behind the bluffs. Sam had this funny feeling that something bad was going to happen. We see this cop pull up a circle around. And we were like WTF?!? Then we walked to Micheal's and sat down to make a phone call. When we were done, all these cops pulled up to the store beside us. We were a little freaked out, so we got up and left. On the way to Sonic to visit some people, a cop pulled up next to us. He asked us if we saw anything that happened, or that was suspicious. He also asked if we saw a blue car with a guy wearing a hat. I noticed him pointing at my shirt. I was wearing a 7 Shot Screamers shirt, and I found out that he was the drummer's brother. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! He had a pomp too. Oh well, what happened was that some old woman the store next to was held a gunpoint, and robbed. Wow, scary shit! But anyways...we went home, scared as hell, that we were going to get shot or raped or something...i wasn't in a good mood at all.

Damn, psychobilly cops are hot.

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hmmmmm... [19 Jun 2006|05:23pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Yeah, sorry, haven't written in a couple of days.

So I went to the doctor on Thursday, hoping to get the good news that I would be able to drive. I get there, go through the little check-up and talk to my doctor. He says I can't drive because of my weight loss. What bullshit! What does weight have to do with driving? He thinks there is something wrong with me. Pshhh, I thought I gained weight! Whatever, he's a crazy fool. Now I can't drive til the first week of September. Whooo.

On Friday I stopped by Sammo's house, wanting to cut her hair. But I when I got there, I had no idea how to cut it, cause her bangs were all uneven, oh well, I told her to wait til it all grew out, it would look better that way. My friend Stephen picked me up along with some other friends to take me to a metro stop so I could get to Belleville. When I got there, Cameron picked me up and we hung out at the mall and whatnot. I got to meet some of his friends, their pretty cool! You can never be bored with those guys! Haha. Later on, Brandi picked me up, and I went over to Benny's house to get my car phone charger. I talked to him for a bit. No hope. His mind is in a different realm, for away from me. but I'm not going to bother anymore, I shouldn't have to talk to him about that stuff anymore. After that Brandi and I went to her boyfriend's house where we took two No-Doze pills. Haha, we cleaned his house til 7 a.m..! There was some really gross stuff there, but it looked b-e-a-utiful when we were done with it. I slept for about an hour, and stayed up the rest of the time. We left there to go to Brandi's house so she could clean up for work. I went where she worked, Buffalo Wild Wings, and waited there for Steev and Mandi to pick me up. When they picked me up, we chilled at Steev's house and ate pizza! Yum!

We left to go to the Nekromantix/Chop Tops/Shark Soup show. on our way there Cameron calls me up and tell me that the Nekromantix van broke down and they cancelled. Ehhh i was kind of bummed out. That sucks! When decided to call anyways because the 7 Shot Screamers were playing instead, and they rock! When we got there I went over to the Shark Soup van, and talked to the guys for a while, wondering what happened to the Nekros, they were really nice. The German accents they had were really nice too, haha.

Well turns out, the show was fucking awesome! 7 Shot Screamers were amazing as usual, they never fail to amaze me. Chop Tops were great, they fucking blew me away. It was the first time I've heard them, and they rocked. The guitarist was so crazy, while still playing, he got on this big guys shoulders, and they went into the pit! Ahhhh!! Haha, he also kicked me in the face, but it was totally cool. Shark Soup was also really good, they had a good set, and I really like their sound, their so cute too! After everything was over, I gave Abi Oozi a good night kiss! She's an amazing girl, and a total hottie!

Father's Day was boring, but I can put up with it cause I love my daddy. We put up a volleyball net and played a little...he sucks, but I still had fun. All I got him was a card, it was all I could afford, but hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

And now I'm filling out a Wendy's application, YES I NEED A JOB. And about to take a shower...I talk to you guys later.

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ooooO! [15 Jun 2006|01:23am]
[ mood | restless ]

Yeah, so the Business show last night was AWESOME!!

The Deficit played first, it was the first time I heard them, and I like them, I think their pretty good.

Second played was The Red Handed Bandits. First time I heard them too, they were awesome! I really really like their style on music, all the guys in the band are great too.

Third was Rat City Riot. Whhee! I liked 'em a lot. It was prety awesome when they dedicated a song to to me. :D Shawn Tank grabbed me and we both started a pit, I ran over to Stephanie and brout her into the pit. WHoooo!

Next was BRAIN FAILURE!! I couldn't wait for them to play. Those guys go crazy on stage. I love their music, B-E-J-I-N-G!!! lol..... I wish they could have played more...damn, I wish I had a camera.

Finally, it's THE BUSINESS!! Damn, what a great show they had. They had a long ass set list, yet it went by so quick. I loved how they ended everything with "Drinking and Driving". Wonderful. *sigh* I'd love to see them again.

Yep. That's all you need to know.

I get my license back tomorrow. WHOOOO!!

I miss Benny....

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my day... [13 Jun 2006|12:09am]
[ mood | pissed off ]


I sat at home all day bored, cause everyone's busy, blah blah blah.

I've been pissed off all day at someone, but I'm not going to get into that. Most of you know what it's about anyways.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Business show tomorrow.

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today today today [11 Jun 2006|09:40pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Today was boring. Woke up and went to the Chinese buffet. After that me and my family came home and rented some movies. Yup. That's pretty much my day.

I have to do a hell of a lot of work tomorrow for my dad. I need some money for the Business and Nekromantix shows coming up. Yeaaahh.

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lalala... [10 Jun 2006|11:04pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Yeah, couple days since I've written.

Well, on Thursday, Benny calls me up at round 6:30 in the morning, saying I'm wide awake, and I wanna come over now! I was like wow. Haha, okay, if you want to. So he comes over, and falls asleep. While he slept, I went to Sammo's. I wasn't there for even an hour and I managed to lock ourselves outside. All I wanted to do has have a smoke, Sam came out with me, and me, being stupid, shut the front door forgetting it locks. Well poo. We went to our friend's house down the street and asked to use the phone. We called her mother up, and she said a friend of hers would come and pick us up and buy us food. Yay. So we got picked up, went to McDonald's, and sat at her house for an hour. She had to leave to take her kids somewhere so that meant we had to leave too. So we were back at Sammo's house, still locked out. We had about an hour an a half til her mother came home from work. So we sat outside, trying to find another way in. I managed to call Benny, and he came over and sat with us til her mother came home. Yay.

Me and Ben went to Steak N Shake to get something to eat. We were there for about, errr, two hours. Devin met us up there. After that we went to the Arnold skatepark so they could skate. Afterwards we went back to my place. We went to Blockbuster, and it was closed, the door said it closes at 11:00, and it was 11:14. ARGGHH!!! Why did it close!! Some people like to watch movies after 11:00!! I was mad. I stood outside til one of the workers kept staring at me, when finally he put his hands in the air and shrugged his shoulders with this I'm-sorry-what-the-hell-do-you-want-me-to-do kind of expression on his face. Damn. Oh well. We chilled at my crib and watched Red Dagron, you know, one of those Hannibal movies. The movie itself wasn't confusing, but certain little parts were.

I woke up the next day, Friday, and we sat around pretty much allllllll day. At around eight me and him went back to the skatepark were he skated for a bit. After that we went to Hardee's where Devin works, so he could pick up this ticket. Haha, there was this awesome British guy working there that night and me and Ben had fun talking to him. We went back to Ben's house and I stayed the night there. That's pretty much all that happened that day.

Today, Ben woke up early cause he had to go to work. I slept in til 4:00, haha, I'm awful. He got off an hour later, and we chilled at his house for a bit, watching Dumb and Dumber. We went to TJ's house after that. There was a bunch of people there. Not much happened, just popped in one of those ridicuously funny horror movies while people played guitars in the kitchen. That was about three hours ago, and now it's one in the morning. Yay.

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Today is... [08 Jun 2006|02:44am]
[ mood | crappy ]

boring boring boring boring

I dyed my hair today...purpleish/burgundy...Yeah, I can tell that this isn't gonna be on my head for long...

I also went to the orthodontist, everything was fine, I was there for about 10 minutes...pffftt.

boring boring boring boring

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Today... [06 Jun 2006|01:25am]
[ mood | tired ]

Today was boring. Spent most of my time on the computer. I woke up at four pm. Woah, my body clock is really messed up.

Not much more to say, except I have an orthodontist appointment tomorrow, and I get my licsense back in 9 days. Whooo!

I made thirty dollars already.

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pfffttt. [04 Jun 2006|11:03pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Last night I went over to Ben's house, slept a couple of hours, until he got home from work. We just laid around, ate some food, and then headed out to a party at Tyler's house in Edwardsville. We were there for about maybe two hours? I don't know, but we just listened to music and watched some tv. After that, I went to Greg, Brandi's boyfriend's house, where I stayed the night. When I first got there it was about three, and Brandi had to pick up Greg from Taco Bell, where he worked. We were sooo tired! Well we got back at 3:30, and didn't get to sleep til 4:00.

The next day we woke up at about noon. I got up, and watched some guy play megaman. We left from there and went to Brandi's house. We cleaned her house a little, and gave her dog and kitten a bath. Awh, the poor kitty, kept yelping when it was her turn. It was the first time she ever had a bath. She's so cute though.

Afterwards, I went back to Ben's house, and cleaned a little there too. I was happy though, cause he got off an hour early. He went to sleep, and I went out for a walk, and made some clover chains. Gay, I know, but it helps pass the time. Benny met me up at the school by his house and we hung out there for a while and talked. We left to take me home. On our way, we picked up our friend Mike, and we rode along with us. On the way to my house, we told bunches of jokes. Well, we got to my place, were I'm at now, and I'm hungry, and now I'm going to get something to eat!

I made 23 bucks on treasure trooper!

10 more days til I get my license back!!

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Another weekend! [03 Jun 2006|02:07pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Yesterday Benjamin came over and we ate with my father and my sister. We ate at Fridays, and they have this awesome thing where they serve you your food in fifteen minutes or less, or the meal is free. They got the stopwatch that the waiter starts when he takes your order. Guess what his time was...15:24!!! Yess! We got a free meal!! I kinda felt bad cause he came running up to our table, and he was late only by 24 seconds. We gave him a nice tip though, for being such a nice guy.

After eating, we all went to the movie theatre, Ronnie's, and saw Over the Hedge. Haha, yeah, I know, I know, but we had my sister with me. It wasn't that bad though, it was really cute! For most of you, you guys probably know that I'd like any movie that has cute things in it.

When we got back to my house, Benny fell asleep and slept for about 3 or so hours, while I just played on the computer. Lol, taking my surveys to get free money. I'm willing to try anything that offers money for doing practically nothing. I signed up for this site, after seeing my friend get a check in the mail for $105.60, another friend getting fifty bucks in her Paypal account. So hell yeah I'm gonna try it, I got about twenty bucks already! I'll post a link at the bottom of this entry, no use in passing this offer up!

Me and Benny went to guitar center where he played there for about 2 hours, lol, there was this guy there testing out guitars, and his amp was so fucking loud, it was pissing us off. Benny bought some guitar strings and we went to McDonald's. After that we went to Walgreen's so I could pick up a peregnancy test, oh yay....

We went back to Belleville where I was dropped off at brandi's house. We hung out with her and her friend Ashley for most of the night...I took my test...negative, whew! Relief. We got back to Brandi's pretty close to 1 a.m. I stayed the night there.

This morning we woke up and went to her boyfriend, Greg's house and chilled out there for about an hour. We came back to Brandi's, where I'm at right now, and now we're just chillin'! I'll post more later.

Here's the link to free money...enjoy it.

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[01 Jun 2006|10:43pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Ehh, today's pretty boring. I had to watch my sister today cause my dad had to go to work...no fun.

Haha, I went to Jack N the Box earlier, and it was pouring! I sat in the drive through, cause I'm too lazy to get out of the car, but I didn't want to get soaked. After sitting and waiting at the screen for about ten minutes, someone pulled up behind me, so I decided, ahh, I should just get this over with. So I rolled down my window, and AHHH! All this water came in. I said my order in such a rush, I was pretty sure that she didn't get my order correct, if she got any of it at all. So I pulled up, and yay, she had it all, I paid her and went to the next window to pick up my food. As usual, you gotta wait about five minutes to get your food. After about TEN the power went out. Shit. The lady came up to me, apologized about a hundred times, and told me that my order was still okay. When I got my food, she almost forgot my Dr. Pepper, and offered to give me a biggie size for no cost for all the trouble. Sure I'm going to take it. It's not like me to pass up a free offer. Well when the lady went to get the drink, she let out some sort of weird groan, and told me that the soda pumper things didn't work, so she just gave me my $1.05 back. I'm not going to complain.

So, my mother's on the warpath again, being her crazy self. *Sigh*....she really bothers me...sometimes I wonder if she's doing okay.

I hope tomorrow I get to see Benny. My moms going out to the Lake of the Ozarks for the weekend with my sister, so I think I should be okay for staying out there for the weekend. I think it's bullshit that my mother still has this control of me. She dosen't have costody over me, my father does, and he knows every little things I do, I keep in touch, and make sure he knows. But my mother seems to control him too...gah! Does this seem right to any of you? Hmmm.

I've been on livejournal for a couple of weeks, and posted three entries. I've been pretty busy, and the other stuff I did isn't really worth writing about, just the same stuff. Somebody be a pal, and give a hello this way.

Aren't my mice cute?

Yeah, their names are Cunt and Sham, and they are VERY spoiled. They even have their own Myspace page. Add them. http://www.myspace.com/punkrockmice
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Hello everyone! [01 Jun 2006|12:42am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Yeah, so, I'm just getting the hang of this thing. I think it's pretty cool!

I'm started to get fed up with MySpace. It's overrated and filled with people who care too much about themselves, and their popularity status. Yeah, I get on every once in a while to check up on certain updates, and keep in touch with friends, and sometimes meet new people. most of the time you can find me on punkrockdomestics.com. My god, I love that site. I learn so many new things on there, and it never gets boring!

About my life away from this computer...I've recently been addicted to making necklace pendants with clay. You know the stuff where you make designs, bake it, and then paint it? yeah. I still have to drill little holes in 'em, put em on a chain, and taa daa, I've got myself a wonderful necklace. Some friends of mine have been wanting me to make some for them, I might do just that.

You know what's really wierd? I just bought a pair of shorts today! To most of you that know me, know that's really weird, I haven't bought a pair of shorts in about five or six years! I don't know what got into me...but I like 'em.

About the Templars show on Sunday. FUCKING GREAT! One of the best shows I've been to. I've never seen so many skinheads in one place at the same time! Lets see, who else played...Adolf and the Piss Artists, The First Wave, Eighty Sixed (fucking awesome band, check 'em out), Hail Marys, Outlaw, errr, there were some others but I forgot...sorry! But definately keep an eye out for those bands, they are very good. When the Templars played their final song, a Cocksparrer cover, my Benny boy got on stage and sang with them, it was pretty neat, but I wish I had my camera with me.

Me and Benny? We're doing great! I love my boy, and I hope I get to see him in a couple of days!

15 days til I get my license back!

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First Entry. [08 May 2006|07:32pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Yeah, so I just got this shit today. I have no fuckin' clue how to use it...anybody like to help? Anyways, nothing new, same boring stuff. I wanna find something to do! GAH!

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